Our Mission

Women Empowerment and Helping Destitute

Shanti Foundation profess that Women Empowerment is essentially the creation of an environment where women can be skilled and empowered to make independent decisions on their personal development and be looked upon as equals in their families as well as society.

  • With an objective to target such issues and challenges and the mission to empower women, Shanti foundation aims to work together with NGOs, Business Communities, local and Government Agencies.
  • Shanti Foundation, since its inception, has been working for Empowering rural and underprivileged Women to help them earn with dignity and hence improve the quality of life for them and their families.
  • Shanti Foundation has been helping destitute by empowering them through education and skill training. providing support and vocational training help the destitute to live with dignity and earn a livelihood and be financially independent.

Awareness of Healthcare andEnvironment Causes

Shanti Foundation is aggressively taking up the initiative to undertake the responsibility of creating and building an awareness related to healthcare and environmental sanitation through community based activities.

  • We organize small-scale grassroots level health projects that work to improve health outcomes through community education. We have committed ourselves to working on the social determinants like knowledge, attitudes, social and cultural norms that also play an important role in health at the individual, family, and community levels.
  • Apart from creating the awareness about the importance of clean environment for healthy living, Shanti Foundation has been working towards provision of clean drinking water and organizing free health check-up camps in rural areas.
  • With an aim to raise the awareness level and education, we have tried to address the problem of Sanitation.
  • We are funding the construction and promoting the usage of Toilets.

Promoting Educationin Rural India

Shanti Foundation envision to open free schools in remote and rural areas and committed to retain quality teachers, free mid-day meals, books and uniform to all the students from the marginalized section of our society.

  • To make India Great – the uplifting Rural India is the utmost important mission!!
  • We have been providing opportunities for free schooling, free uniform, and free books to needy.
  • Shanti Foundation now wishes to embark upon a noble journey, creating world class schools for the underprivileged and the marginalized. These schools would provide free quality education for all those who cannot afford. The schools would cater to the underprivileged and the marginalized children and gear them to create a dignified life for their own self and their families.