Smt. Shanti Devi
(1924 – 1988)

Hailing from Dorangala Tehsil in District Gurdaspur, Punjab, Smt. Shanti Devi was a woman of unwavering simplicity and profound righteousness, deeply rooted in her faith. As a dedicated homemaker, she tirelessly toiled for the betterment of her local environment by instilling awareness within the community. She emerged as a stalwart advocate for women’s empowerment, championing the causes of social justice and education.

In the face of numerous challenges, she tenaciously pursued her goals with the limited resources available to her. Shanti Devi firmly believed that charity begins at home, and as such, embarked on her crusade right within her own household and neighborhood. Her passion for societal welfare became a guiding principle for her children, who inherited her spirit.

It is from this legacy that the Shanti Foundation was born, a testament to her enduring commitment to creating positive change in the world.